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Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic Shoes

What do you mean by Diabetes?

Diabetes is a set of metabolic disorders. If the insulin production in the body is less or the reaction of the body cell is not appropriate to insulin or both then the individual can have high blood glucose. The person with high blood sugar will experience Polyuria, it means recurrent urination that will normally experience; they become extra thirsty or polydipsia and extra hungry or polyphagia.


Why Should we Wear Diabetic Shoes?

  • Blood circulation becomes poor due to high blood sugar, which might harm many parts of the body. It might include vessels and nerves of the feet. For this reason, people with diabetes face difficulty in realizing if there is an injury or cut in his foot. If that cut is left untreated then it might lead to an infection. Due to poor blood circulation, it is difficult to get the cut and infection healed quickly.
  • As most of the diabetic patient having a problem of sensation in their extremes, they cannot even understand if they are getting hurt in their foot, which can lead to ulceration later on. It happens just because the diabetic patient cannot feel the pain until it is too late. If the ulcer is not properly treated it might be very dangerous and the infection might lead to amputation.


What type of Diabetic Shoes we wear?

The person with diabetes must wear socks inside their shoes, in order to lessen cut and abrasion.

  • Prophylactic footwear : For those with a healed plantar footsore, recommend medicinal grade footwear with custom-made in-shoe orthoses or shoe pad with a confirmed plantar pressure-relieving outcome at high-risk portions.
  • Thereupatic footwear : Footwear for individuals with plantar diabetic and having foot ulcer, for them their treatment is done with suitable offloading footwear (therapeutic footwear) which helps to settle these ulcers.

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