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Diabetic Ranges

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Diabetic Ranges that we offer helps in providing relief from Re sol Diabetic Ranges Foot problems, which are quite common in people suffering from diabetes. Our footwear provides relief from diabetic foot problems occur due to poor blood circulation, dry feet and cracked heels, peripheral neuropathology, abnormalities of muscles and bones. Buyers can obtain Diabetic Ranges at reasonable rates from us!


Specifications :

  • Well padded inner surface protects foot from injury
  • Wide toe box for free movement of toes
  • Strong heel counter for stability in the heel region
  • Extra depth footwear accommodate 9 mm insoles
  • Tough and light outer soles to limit motion of painful joints
  • Velcro closures help to accommodate deformities


Available Sizes :

  • Male : 40/6, 417, 42/8, 43/9, 44/10, 45/11, 46/12
  • Female : 36/3, 37/4, 38/5, 39/6, 40/7, 41/8, 42/9


Foot problems are quite common in people suffering from Diabetes due to increased glucose (sugar) level in their blood over a long period of time.
Diabetic foot problems occur due to :

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Dry feet and cracked heels
  • Peripheral neuropathology
  • Abnormalities of muscles and bones
  • Foot ulceration /Injuries


Note : We also make customized footwear for off sizes.